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messageConfidence and a positive sel
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Дата: 15 Февраля 2019 06:01

MELBOURNE Cheap Golden State Warriors Jersey , Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- A small West Australian mining firm has found a diamond believed to be the largest discovered by an Australian company, and one worth upwards of 14.2 million U.S dollars.

Local media reported on Tuesday that the Lucapa Diamond Company, based in Perth but operating in the African nation of Angola, found the 404-carat diamond at its Lulo Diamond Project site, with estimates putting it as the 27th largest diamond ever found.

The company's chairman, Miles Kennedy Cheap Detroit Pistons Jersey , told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the diamond ticked off a ""number of firsts"" for diamond exploration.

""When we first looked at the property, 3,000 square km of untouched ground, 700 km inland from the coast, you are talking about a very, very remote area Cheap Denver Nuggets Jersey ,"" Kennedy said.

""The results today are a wonderful vindication of eight years of pretty hard work.

""It's the biggest diamond ever recorded from the country of Angola and it's the biggest diamond ever recovered by an Australian diamond miner.

""So, we have hit a number of firsts finding this diamond.""

He said the diamond should fetch in excess of 20 million Australian dollars, or almost 15 million U.S dollars.

""We're not used to valuing 400-carat diamonds, but if we look at other diamonds slightly less weight than this, you're looking in the order of 20 million (AUD),"" Kennedy said.

The chairman said selling that diamond alone would allow the company to expand its Angola operations.

" "

PHNOM PENH Cheap Dallas Mavericks Jersey , Feb. 10 (Xinhua) -- The Cambodian government and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) signed the new country program action plan from 2016 to 2018 on Wednesday, aimed to promote and protect the rights of children in the Southeast Asian country.

The action plan document was reached between Cambodian Minister of Planning Chhay Than and Debora Comini, UNICEF Representative to Cambodia.

""The plan identifies and addresses the key barriers that impede the realization of children's rights in Cambodia and outlines areas of collaboration for the coming three years,"" said a UNICEF's statement.

It would be focused on early childhood care and development, inclusive quality education, child protection Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey , and social inclusion and governance.

""The estimated funding requirement for the three-year program is 65 million U.S. dollars,"" the statement said.

Chhay Than said the previous program of cooperation with UNICEF has contributed to improving the lives of many children and women in Cambodia.

""But we also recognize that many children are still left behind. We are pleased that the new country program will put more emphasis on the most disadvantaged children so that more children in Cambodia will have a chance to thrive and grow up to become healthy and productive adults,"" he said.

Cambodia has a large number of children and adolescents, with 45 percent of the total population aged 19 years or younger. Eleven percent are under the age of 5.

""While children in Cambodia today are growing up in a time of significant social and economic transformation, the progress is not experienced equally by all,"" Debora Comini said.

""Inequity can be passed down from one generation to another Cheap Chicago Bulls Jersey , in an endless cycle that will impact the whole society. That's why investing in children is the best investment that Cambodia can make for its future.""

The program will be implemented in collaboration with Cambodian government agencies at the national and local level, with NGOs and development partners, private sector, academic institutions, the media and other UN agencies.

" We knwow that certain things, confidence Cheap Charlotte Hornets Jersey , empowerment, positive praise (what we call 'catch them being good') and listening skills are four important elements in teaching your child to keep themselves safe.

"Repetition" is the fifth and final secret to teaching kids to keep themselves safe. This last Secret is probably the most important of all. We can teach your kids in the classroom. We can put all of our information into a book for you to read. However, it is all useless unless you use it and apply it, day in and day out at home.

Especially in younger children, where there is no mental capacity to create and build on memories, repetition is a crucial learning tool. True learning for your child Cheap Brooklyn Nets Jersey , no matter what their age, however, comes with repetition. That is your job. You need to do it at home.

Repetition does not need to be boring, either. Make games out of things you want to teach. Use fun words and phrases your child uses when talking about safety. Fold in your child's favorite toys, cartoon characters or things they like into activities you do several times a week. These are simple yet exciting skills for
reinforcement activities. It's repetition with excitement. What a great way to learn for any child!

Working with our techniques is also something to do a few times a week. Stay away from daily practice routines as if this was a sport as this is the surest way to bore your child and lose their attention. Make learning safety fun. Make it exciting. Fold in the whole family and enjoy learning about true safety for a lifetime together. Below are the five elements of safe kids.

1. Build confidence.
Confidence and a positive self image are crucial in good child safety. Confident kids are less of a target for sexual predators. Not only do they stand taller and keep their heads up higher, they represent a problem Cheap Boston Celtics Jersey , a less than easy victim for sexual predators.

Confident kids project "struggle" for any predator trolling for kids and more often than not, predators will pass them by. More often, predators will choose kids that appear weak and sad, a child in need of a friend. These are the kids that hang their heads, shuffle down the street and have a hard time looking anyone in the ey. Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys For Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Basketball Jerseys China Wholesale MLB Baseball Jerseys Cheap College Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys

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