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Дата: 22 Март 2019 04:47

It seems like every time I write about how the Jacksonville Jaguars defense is actually playing really well despite the team’s record Jacksonville Jaguars T-Shirt , they go out and have their worst game of the season. The first time they got boat raced by the Dallas Cowboys and then on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts they looked like they’d never played together before.How in the world does that happen? I can understand a miscommunication and blown coverage hear and there, we saw it happen a few times last season. But this many times in the same game? Again? After the bye week?How does that happen? That’s unacceptable.“A lot of times there is a level of focus of formation or where something has to be that has you locked into a coverage. We will communicate a call, but there still has to be an awareness to the formation. We missed that,” Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone said on Monday when he was asked if players are freelancing and not running the coverages they should be running. “We missed another where we were worried about a split that was giving us an issue. Then all of a sudden he is not in that split, but we are worried about the issue and they gain separation. We were in a zero coverage. There was one tight end on the field. We know exactly who has that tight end, and we don’t get on him. Those are the things that happened. When you say ‘willfully’ meaning are the players busting it? No.”There were multiple plays on Sunday you should see looked doomed before the snap and multiple plays where players like Eric Ebron were running wide open, with no one anywhere close and they resulted in chunk plays and touchdowns. When you keep running into busts like that, you start to see players pressing and trying to force plays that aren’t there and it just compounds the issue. “The problem is if you make a mistake – let’s get it corrected and let’s go on Jacksonville Jaguars Hats ,” Marrone continued. “Let’s not push and try to get ourselves out of it. One mistake and when you push leads to another mistake and another mistake and that seems to be, in my conversations with the players, what happens. They make a mistake and try to make up for it, and they just need to go ahead to the next play and do their job.”One of the plays the Jaguars should have been playing three deep but for whatever reason cornerback Jalen Ramsey didn’t. That resulted in the long Ebron touchdown. Another play Barry Church should have had the tight end and didn’t, which resulted in another Ebron touchdown. Then there were a few plays where someone like Telvin Smith was caught in no-man’s land trying to cover two players, which resulted in chunk plays.Even on Smith’s interception, it appeared to be a busted play and mercifully the ball bounced to Smith and he made a play on the ball.The Jaguars defense seemed to shore up in the second half, allowing only 60 yards to the Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Hoodie , but the damage had already been done and the offense couldn’t catch up. The offense, by the way, did more than enough to win the game on Sunday. When they score 26 points and don’t turn the ball over (until the final drive), with this defense, you should be winning the game. Easily.The problems on the defense seem to be becoming more frequent and they consistently seem to be communication issues. I don’t know what the fix is or if the defense just isn’t listening to Todd Wash’s message anymore or what, but it needs to be rectified fast.Having those kinds of issues, after a bye week, is unacceptable. It’s kind of ironic that the Jaguars season ends with a massive defensive collapse. Calais Campbell Cheap Customized Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys , defense end and team captain for the Jacksonville Jaguars has won the Athletes in Action/Bart Starr Award, which is given to the NFL player who best exemplifies character and leadership both on and off of the field. The award is of course named after Hall of Fame NFL quarterback and Former Green Bay Packer Bart Starr. Campbell received a call from Bart’s wife, Cherry, who notified him of the honor. You can watch that exchange below: This award is exclusively voted on by NFL players. Campbell was one of 10 finalists for the honor, and was selected by his peers. Campbell is a fan favorite, true leader and veteran presence in a locker room that seems to be short on those kinds of guys. In addition to his prominence on the field as a pass rusher and run stopper, Campbell is highly active in the community. He runs the CRC Foundation (named after his late father, Charles Richard Campbell). The foundation teaches youth critical life skills through a variety of mediums such as sports www.thejaguarsfootballauthentic.com , vocational platforms, financial training, health and nutrition education and more. The Bart Starr Award was first given in 1989 to Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Steve Largent. Recent winners of the award include Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Benjamin Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Thomas Davis and Jason Witten. Campbell will receive the award on Saturday, Feb. 2 in Atlanta at the 32nd annual Super Bowl Breakfast Jacksonville Jaguars T-Shirt , which is one day before Super Bowl LIII. Former NFL head coaches Tony Dungy and Dan Reeves, and former player Anthony Munoz, will also be featured at the event. Campbell is the first Jaguar to win the Bart Starr Award. He is also Jacksonville’s nominee for the 2018 Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award, and is one of eight finalist for that award, which is given to the player that most exemplifies outstanding sportsmanship on the field. The winner will be announced Super Bowl weekend. The Jaguars recently announced that Campbell will return to the team in 2019.

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