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messageOverseas Chinese old furniture stolen old furniture
Пользователь: xiao1236 (IP-адрес скрыт)
Дата: 21 Март 2017 04:17

Recently, the reporter learned that, in 2016 Taizhou plate imports to achieve volume and price Qi Sheng, are a record high. Taizhou Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Yuhuan Office throughout the year inspection and quarantine of 301 pieces of imported timber, the volume of 44062 cubic meters, the value of 360.79 million US dollars,how do i properly dispose of my old camping chair? respectively, year on year increase of 204.0%, 255.8% and 666.8%.

In addition, Taizhou City, imports of sheet metal from the good situation has continued - in January 2017, Taizhou Dalaiyu port imports of sheet metal reached 31 batches, volume 3868 cubic meters, the value of 1.362 million US dollars, compared to the same period last year, the Port imports plate 21 batches, volume 2565 cubic meters,outdoor leisure folding tables and chairs the value of 921,000 US dollars. Reporters learned that since the implementation of natural forest protection policy in China, and gradually limit the logging of logs, timber imports has become an important means to meet the needs of China's forest industry.

Taizhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Yuhuan Office staff Li Bo Tao introduction, Damaiyu port plate imports year after year growth - in 2012, the port imports plate material volume reached 2300 cubic meters; 2013-2014 imports of plate material are more than 5,000 cubic meters; 2015 import growth significantly, the volume of more than 12,000 cubic meters,lightweight folding chairs camping an increase of double. "Then, Taizhou Dalaiyu port to create a good import environment, but also gradually attract enterprises in the local customs inspection.

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