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Four games Black Robert Nkemdiche Jersey , four losses.Not even the most pessimistic of fans could have predicted this start. After four weeks, the Redbirds are the only team in the league without a win. Were 0-3 at home, where weve protected the nest in recent years, and weve scored a piddling 37 points totalthats right, less than 10 points per game.Shameful. Inexcusable. Indefensible.Its hard to fathom how we wound up here, especially considering that we had the ball on 1st and 10 at the Seattle 31 with 2:59 to play and the Seahawks down to one timeout. All we had to do was get a single first down and we could grind down the clock and kick a chip shot FG to win the game.Instead, we鈥?did not do that.Like last week, some poor play on the field was compounded by some seriously boneheaded coaching decisions, and the crowd at State Farm Field was let down once again. Lets run through the most impactful factors/moments that led to the loss, figure out whos to blame, and see if theres any hope moving forward.Offensive Run DefenseSunday had a chance to be a get-right game for the Redbirds run defense. Seattles O-line woes are well documented, their starting RB Chris Carson was a late scratch, and their 1st-round rookie Rashaad Penny (brother of Elijhaa) hasnt done much. Enter third-stringer Mike Davis, who proceeded to run for 101 yards and 2 TDs on 21 carries. Adding in contributions from Penny and Russell Wilson, the Seahawks put up 171 yards on 34 carries (5.0 YPC). The Cardinals are now 31st in the league in rushing defenseafter finishing 6th last season.Assigning the Blame: The Cardinals have talent in the front sevenCory Peters has been a rock, and the team has spent recent 1st-round picks on the likes of Robert Nkemdiche, Deone Bucannon, and Haason Reddick. Talent isnt the problemits scheme. These are 3-4 players trying to adjust to the Carolina 4-3 (when were not in nickel, that is) of Steve Wilks and Al Holcomb. The scheme obviously isnt working with the personnel we have, so its on the coaches to adapt. And they simply havent thus far.Where to Go from Here: Wilks and Holcomb need to adjust their scheme to the talent of the players of the roster. Consider moving Bucannon back to a hybrid safety role, let Reddick rush the passer more (he had a sack on Sunday) Robert Nkemdiche Jersey 2019 , and maybe stop playing so much nickel on obvious rushing downs.A Bad Case of the DropsIt wasnt all bad news for the Redbirds on Sunday, as rookie QB Josh Rosen passed the eye test and earned strong reviews for his debut start. His numbers were somewhat pedestrian15/27, 180 yards, and 1 TDbut they could have been much better if it werent for all the drops. Stalwart Cardinals writer Darren Urban estimated that Rosens numbers would have been about 20/27, 261 yards, and 2 TDs if Larry Fitzgerald(!), Christian Kirk, J.J. Nelson, and Ricky Seals-Jones had held onto several catchable balls. (Plus there was the near-TD by Chad Williams where he was just unable to get a second foot down on the sideline.) The Redbirds WR room has been a known weak spot, and they let the team down big-time on Sunday, costing us precious yardage and, potentially, points.Assigning the Blame: Its easy to blame the players on the fieldyes, even Fitzbut GM Steve Keim deserves a ton of blame for not doing more to augment the position during the offseasonor even during the season. (Rishard Matthews is available, after all.) Plus, its worth pointing out that on a day where J.J. Nelson was doing this for the Cardinals, John Brown was doing this for the Ravens.Where to Go from Here: J.J. Nelson probably needs to be cut at this point. Keim needs to do what many of us who play fantasy football do on Sunday morningsscour the free agent list for a WR and hope they can produce.Kicker WoesIt seems like points are always at a premium in Cardinals/Seahawks games, and Sunday was no exception. You cant have your kicker miss two FGs in these kinds of games and expect to win. Granted, neither of them were gimmes (45 and 50 yards), but didnt we stick with Dawson because hes a steady veteran? He didnt play like one on Sunday.Assigning the Blame: Obviously, Dawson should be expected to hit the potential game-winning 45-yarder Black Markus Golden Jersey , but it shouldnt have been that long of a kick, which is firmly the coaching staffs fault (more on that below). But you can also argue that Dawson shouldnt have been kicking in the first place. It doubly hurts knowing that preseason star Matt McCrane hit a game-winner for the Raiders later Sunday afternoon. Yet another Steve Keim decision that didnt work out.Where to Go from Here: Dawson probably needs to go too. He just doesnt have the leg strength/accuracy required of an NFL kicker anymore. This was obvious even in the preseason. Keim needs to find a stopgap replacement for the rest of the season and then address the position in the offseason.Another Questionable 3rd-Down RunSimply put, the coaching staff completely bungled the endgame on Sunday. As I said above, we just needed to gain one first down on our final possession. That would have accomplished two things: 1) it wouldve made the would-be game-winning FG much easier, and 2) it wouldve let us drain most of the clock down to prevent Russell Wilson from doing exactly what he didmarch down the field for the win if we missed the kick.It started with that 1st and 10 with 2:59 left. We got a Mike McCoy special: unimaginative run into the pile. Then on 2nd and 8? You guessed itanother unimaginative run into the pile. But the worst playcall came after the two-minute warningjust like it did last week. With all that time to call the perfect playremembering again that we had to have a first downwe got鈥?yep, another unimaginative run into the pile. At least it was David Johnson getting stuffed this time. Small consolation.Keep in mind that Rosen was 4/5 for 39 yards on the drive up until that point. If you can trust your rookie QB enough to put him into a tight game in the 4th quarter last week, you can trust him enough to put the ball in his hands in a tight game in the 4th quarter this week, right? One completion and you can drain the clock down and kick a 35-39 yard FG (instead of 45) to win.Instead鈥?unimaginative run into the pile, Russell Wilson gets two minutes to gain 30 yards, and Sea Bass kicks the game-winner. Ugh.Assigning the Blame: Mike McCoy makes the offensive playcalls, but Steve Wilks says he can veto or confirm any playcall. However the decision to run it up the middle on 3rd and 6 at the Seattle 27 was made, it was a lousy decision and the buck stops with the man in chargeSteve Wilks. Whether he confirmed McCoys call of the run or just declined to veto it doesnt matter. It was the wrong call and it cost us the game. At this point, I wish hed just veto Mike McCoy entirely, to be honest.Where to Go from Here: Fire. Mike. McCoy. Im gonna keep saying it until it happens.Final ThoughtsSundays loss was the result of several of our players being put in a position to fail by our GM/coaching staff, and the one player who could have saved the gameJosh Rosennot being given the chance to do so. Its that simple.Its not just the 0-4 start, but the way it has happenedthese last two weeks especiallythat has many Cardinals fans wondering if we have the right leadership on the sidelines and in the front office. But Steve Keim just signed an extension, and Steve Wilks and his staff are in their first year on the job, so we may be stuck with them for a while.They, like our players, need to respond in the right way to this adversity. Before the Bears game, I wrote about how the Cardinals have been plagued by passivity lately. That proved true against the Seahawks with the way known weaknesses (WR Markus Golden Jersey 2019 , LB, K) came back to bite us and the way the coaching staff screwed up the endgame with overly conservative decisions.Well learn a lot about our leadership by the way they respond. If McCoy, Nelson, and Dawson continue to have jobs, if we dont try to bring in reinforcements, if we continue to struggle to score points and stop the run, if we continue to be passive鈥?well have learned that these are not the men to lead our franchise.But if we do something to try to change our fortuneseven if it just amounts to rearranging deck chairs on the TitanicI think most Cardinals fans would feel a little bit better about the direction of our team. Cold comfort to be sure, but better than the hot air these guys have been blowing so far. What a small world it is.Those of us who have coached for a couple of decades know that if you hang around long enough chances are that you will coach (or coach against) a pro athlete.Its amazing to think of the connectedness of life-and how knowing one person can lead to knowing many more.Back in the 1980s, Jack Johnson and I were teachers, dorm masters and football/basketball/baseball coaches at Avon Old Farms School, a private boating school for boys near Hartford, CT.Avon Old Farms boasted one of the strongest athletic programs in New England.My hands are still sore from catching Jacks laser beam passes. He was a highly touted QB at North Attleboro High School (MA), but a devastating knee injury his senior year prevented him from playing Division 1 football. One of the perks of coaching at Avon was being so close to the ESPN headquarters in the neighboring town of Bristol. One night I had a brief and humorous chat with Chris Berman while waiting in line at a local restaurant. On another occasion, I spent several hours in a Hartford disco along side of Charlie Steiner, who was even more of a hoot off the camera than on it. At Avon we had a fair number of players go on to play in all three divisions of college football. The one player we coached who made it to the NFL was FB Chris Hetherington, who, after starring as the QB at Yale, started at FB for ten years (1996-2006) with the Colts, Raiders, Panthers, Rams and 49ers.By the early 90s Jack and I had left Avon to pursue public school teaching and coaching jobs. As fate would have it Black Josh Rosen Jersey , Jack returned to North Attleboro, his alma mater, to teach English and coach varsity football and baseball. And I wound up at NAs main rival in the Hockomock League, Foxboro High School, as an English teacher and varsity basketball coach. North Attleboro and Foxboro engaged in many epic friday night lights football battles-and one that I remember most vividly was a narrow victory Foxboro had, despite the fact that North Attleboros captain and Massachusetts 2006 Gatorade Player of the Year, RB/LB Anthony Sherman did just about everything humanly possible to win the game. In that game Sherman rushed for 136 yards, 2 TDs and delivered 20 tackles.As it turned out, the next week Sherman led his Rocketeers to a stunning upset over an undefeated Mansfield team which ensured a three way tie between NA, Foxboro and Mansfield for the Hockomock League Championship.Having watched Sherman in action, i was desperately hoping he would go to Boston College, my alma mater. He wound up going to UConn instead, where he became the starting FB as a freshman and where he was the lead blocker for 2 Big East Offensive Players of the Year in Donald Brown (2008) and Jordan Todman (2010). You can imagine my elation when on the third day of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cardinals selected FB Anthony Sherman in the 5th round at pick 136. The first person I called was Jack Johnson. We subsequently rejoiced in the selection over a few light refreshments. Back in those days, the Cardinals were making a habit of using a 5th or a 6th round pick to select the best possible special teams player (i.e. Justin Bethel). At UConn, Anthony Sherman was the special teams captain and was widely acknowledged as one of the top STs players in college football-if not the best.Sherman was off to a solid start in his 1st two years with the Cardinals, but after Steve Keim and Bruce Arianswere hired as GM and head coach, they promptly shipped Sherman to the Chiefs for backup CB Javier Arenas. I happened to be talking with Jack Johnson a couple of days before the trade and he told me that the trade was already agreed to. Man, that one hurt. For two days I was praying that it wouldnt happen.At that time I had been writing a series of articles called Cardinal Tough and lamenting how the Cardinals often seemed to be one of the softest teams in the NFL. Even though Bruce Arians did not believe in using a FB in his offense, I felt that it was a major mistake to trade one of the teams best special teams players. After all, the Patriots and other top teams always keep 3 STs players who hardly ever play on offense or defense-but thats how much those teams value STs.In retrospect Josh Rosen Jersey 2019 , whether one believes the Cardinals should have kept Sherman for STs or not, that trade was one of the worst and most-lopsided trades the Cardinals have ever made.Sherman was an instant success in Kansas City where he was named 1st team All-Pro in 2013 and 2014 by Pro Football Focus, and 2nd team All-Pro in 2014 by the Associated Press. Javier Arenas never quite fit in to Todd Bowles defense (12 tackles, 1 sack, 0 interceptions in 16 games). He was signed as a free agent by the Falcons in 2014, where he played in only 6 games and hasnt made an NFL roster since.Meanwhile, over the past few years, Anthony Sherman has become somewhat of a cult hero in Kansas City, showing up for training camp in red, white and blue overalls and starred and striped bandanas and cowboy boots. This year after the Chiefs week 1 win in LAversus the Chargers, Andy Reid smiled from ear to ear when asked about Anthony Shermans 36 yard TD catch (on a wheel route up the left sideline) and called Sherman a sausage with hands. This drew applause and cheers from Patrick Mahomes who was delighted to see his FB get some added press. Check out what Peter Schrager has to say about Shermans unsung role in the Chiefs success:[www.chiefs.com] Reid went on to say about Sherman, Hes a tough kid, smart. I imagine that at one time hell be good coach. Thats probably the direction he wants to go when its all said and done. Hell be good at that if he chooses to do. The guy knows everything thats going on thats what gives us the flexibility to put him in as a tight end and also play him as a fullback. (https://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article219940760.html)For months and weeks we have been arguing back and forth about the value of a good fullback in todays NFL....not only in hammering iso blocks on linebackers, but in being triple threats in the red zone/short yardage situations and in being highly spirited, hard-hat type of leaders on special teams.Man, I loved that Anthony Sherman was an Arizona Cardinal and I wish he still was. In my opinion, there will always be a special place for sausages (tough guys) in the NFL, regardless of the position. Especially sausages with hands.


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